Dorothy Temple School of Dance

Maintained by Susan S Brown

Last Updated on 04/09/2020 21:46:36

The School offers classes for boys and girls from 3 years of age, for ballet, tap, modern and jazz.



Primary to Grade 1

Black tights or shorts

White ankle socks

Black or white ballet shoes

White Alfie short sleeve leotard

Black crossover optional


Ballet Uniform Grade Pre-primary

Pink ballet shoes

Pink ballet socks

Pink cotton lycra sleeveless leotard

Pink Voile skirt

Pink bun cap

*Pink leg warmers

*Pink crossover

*Pink scrunchie

Ballet Uniform Primary

Pink Aimee sleeveless leotard

Pink georgette skirt

Pink ballet shoes and pink socks

Pink crossover

Ballet Uniform Grade 1/2

Pink ballet shoes

Pink ballet socks

Pink cotton sleeveless RAD leotard

*Pink scrunchie

Character shoes and skirt

Ballet Uniform Grade 3/4/5

Navy blue cotton lycra leotard

Pink tights

Pink ballet shoes

Pink ribbons

*Navy blue crossover

Navy blue bun cap

Black Cuban heeled character shoes

Black character skirt, with blue ribbon

Navy scrunchie


Pre-primary/primary and Grade 1 modern and tap

White tap and modern shoes

Royal blue lycra sleeveless leotard

Royal blue footless tights

White ankle socks

*White crossover

White or royal bun cap

White belt

*Royal scrunchie


Black tap shoes, black jazz shoes

White or royal shorts

White t-shirt

*Royal crossover

Grade 2 Tap and Modern

Black tap shoes

Black modern shoes

Royal blue sleeveless leotard

Black footless tights

White ankle socks

*Royal blue crossover

Royal blue bun cap

*Royal blue scrunchie

White belt

Grade 3/4/5 Modern/Tap

Burgundy lycra sleeveless leotard

Black footless tights

Black belt

*Black crossover

Black tap shoes

Black jazz shoes

Black ankle socks

Black bun cap

*Black scrunchie